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Citation: Stephens, J. L., S. M. Rockwell, and E. E. Armstrong. 2016. Trinity River bird and vegetation monitoring: 2015 report card, version 1.0. Report to the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP). KBO-2016-0014, Klamath Bird Observatory, Ashland, Oregon.
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River system: Trinity River
Title: Trinity River bird and vegetation monitoring: 2015 report card, version 1.0
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Category: Tech Report
Publication date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2016-00-00
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"The TRRP is actively re-storing in-stream features of a healthy river system while maintaining and enhancing habitat along the river’s banks. Restored streamside habitat in the program area is being adaptively managed to increase plant species diversity and structural complexity, and to provide benefits for wildlife. Birds serve as ecological indicators to evaluate the success of restoration projects and inform plans for future restoration."

"The goal of this report card is to summarize and com-municate an evaluation of restoration progress on the Trinity River using data from ongoing bird and habitat monitoring. Specifically, we 1) analyze bird trends across the entire 40-mile program area, and 2) com-pare current bird populations and vegetation condi-tions at restored sites with conditions at healthy ref-erence sites, to gauge how restoration along the river is progressing."

Author: Stephens, J. L.; Rockwell, S. M.; E. E. Armstrong, E. E.
Organization: Klamath Bird Observatory
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