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Citation: TRRP (Trinity River Restoration Program). 2016. Trinity River Restoration Program 2015 Annual Report. TRRP, Weaverville, California.
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River system: Trinity River
Title: Trinity River Restoration Program 2015 Annual Report
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Publication date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2016-11-02
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TRRP’s Mission
TRRP Background
TRRP Restoration Strategy
2015 Highlights
Funding and Expenditures
Flow Management
Flow Release Rates from Lewiston Dam
Water Volume Accounting
Basin Export Volume
Reservoir Conditions
Mechanical Channel Rehabilitation
Limekiln Gulch
Upper Douglas City
Coarse Sediment Management
Sediment Transport Monitoring
Physical and Biological Responses to Restoration Flows
Riparian Monitoring
Riparian Species Monitoring
Avian Monitoring
Herpetofauna Monitoring
Data Management
Environmental Compliance and Mitigation
NEPA, CEQA, and Other Mandates
Channel Rehabilitation Compliance
Other Compliance Activities
Environmental Mitigation
Cultural Resources
Turbidity Monitoring at 2015 Construction Sites
Public Outreach in 2015
Public Events
Public Meetings and Workshops
Community Events
Funding of the Conservation Almanac
In-Person Contact and Response
One-on-One Meetings
Internet and Media Presence
Looking Ahead: 2016 Program Activities
Flow Management
Environmental Compliance
FEMA Floodplain Mapping and County Floodplain Development Compliance

Fish Production Model
Stakeholder Involvement
Implementation Monitoring
Channel Rehabilitation
Reports and Publications
Web Sources

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Organization: Trinity River Restoration Program
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