What type of data would you like to add?

Documents or Reports 
Each document is a separate file that represents various kinds of media such as memos, reports, spreadsheets, pictures, images, videos etc. You will need to describe the document by providing a title and optionally a description, citation, physical location of the original.

Uploaded documents can be associated with data packages.
Meeting Minutes & Agendas 
Each meeting represents a distinct event. Once you have added a meeting and provided basic information such as a description and location etc, you can upload multiple attachments. These attachments can represent the agenda, notes or any other kind of material associated with the meeting.
Data Packages  7-Zip Database GIS data RAR archives XML Zip archives
Data packages represent bundles of data. The data can be of any kind; tabular quantitative information, anecdotal, graphical etc and stored in multiple items all bundled up into a single compressed file (e.g. WinZip, 7Zip or WinRAR archive).

You will need to describe the data package contents and optionally provide location information specifying where the data were collected and who is the point of contact.

Once you have uploaded a data package you can associate any documents in the system, providing a way to reference monitoring protocols or background information about the underlying data.
Point & Depth Observation Tabular Data   
Point and depth observation data for variables such as streamflow, water temperature and dam releases are stored in tables so that they can be queried and graphed. To add these data you need to download the appropriate import template, populate with your data and then send it to the ODP System Administrator ( The ODP System Administrator will then quality control the data before importing it and making it available in the Online Data Portal.

Complex data that cannot be represented as a single measurement data value at a specific point location (and/or depth) are stored in the Online Data Portal as Data Packages (see above).
You will need to login into the system before you can add data. Contact the ODP System Administrator ( if you need an account.